Jade Berry

Jade Berry  b.1994

Photographer & Art Director from Cornwall based in East London. 

Inspired by everyday life; real or imagined.

Dreamer who likes to tell visual stories through her work using digital & analogue mediums. 

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Wonderland, Lucys, French Fries, Flanelle, Noctis, Mod, Dreamingless, Penny, Boyfriend, Pigeons & Peacocks, Olympus, Caboodle, Bisous, SurfGirl


Melissa, Typical Freaks, Mary Benson, Charlotte Simone,  Fioresha, Harvy Santos, Uzma Bozai, Livia Tang, Hundred Showrooms, Fashion Scout, Lucy & Yak, Silken Favours, Wildcard Silks, Wawwa

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