Jade Berry

b.1994 she/her

Photographer & Art Director from Newquay, splitting time between London & Cornwall.

Dreamer who likes to tell visual stories through her work using digital & analogue mediums. 

I love to create a narrative from the start, taking inspiration from my surroundings, wether its everyday life; real or imagined.  Storytelling is the core of my work.

Obsessed with the freedom of photography, being able to explore other worlds by bringing them to reality. Sometimes creating work from my dreams but other-times simply a feeling. I like to create work thats emotive or visually intriguing, interested in pushing boundaries between fashion & the ordinary.

Working on bringing your ideas to life. Open to commissions & collaborations internationally on request. Please get in touch for details.




Selected Clients

Tommy Hilfiger, Footlocker EU, Quiksilver Womens, Melissa, Fioresha, Typical Freaks, Mary Benson, Charlotte Simone, Harvy Santos, Uzma Bozai, Livia Tang, Hundred Showrooms, Fashion Scout, Lucy & Yak, Silken Favours, Wildcard Silks, Wawwa


ModeMagazine, KunstLobsterContributor,  SickyWonderlandLucys, French Fries, Flanelle, Noctis, Mod, Dreamingless, Penny, Boyfriend, Pigeons & Peacocks, Olympus, Caboodle, SurfGirl

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